Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mindmap of Subject-based Banding

Created by Joe Ang

Impact on the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
  • Allows pupils who are competent in Mathematics to better focus and improve.
  • Allows pupils who are weak in Mathematics to build up the fundamentals.
  • Allows teachers to better design and conduct Math lessons with less diversity in pupils' abilities.
  • Allows pupils to learn at their own pace; promoting interest in the subject.
  • To provide a learning environment where more meaningful discussions, among pupils of similar ability in Math, can be facilitated.

Mindmap of IT Master Plan for Education

Created by Joe Ang

Impact on the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
  • Equip schools in tapping on available technologies for innovative and engaging lessons.

  • Equip teachers with the relevant IT skills to explore better teaching strategies.

  • Connect the teachers and pupils to a vast pool of digital resources, both locally and globally.

  • Reduce teachers' workload via use of self-assessment resources.

  • Ease in the design of curriculum to match individual's learning needs, according to one's ability.

  • Support Summative and Formative Assessment via a more efficient analytical system.

  • Support teachers to move from teacher-centred lessons to student-centred lessons.

  • Inculcate a sharing culture among teachers.

  • Lessons made alive - learning Math otuside the classroom.

  • Guiding learners towards independent learning.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Fruitful First Online Meeting - 18 Sep 2010

Joe's anxiety grew as it was approaching 10.30am.
It was the group's first cyber meeting.

At last, every member of the group, Yuan, Bobo, Lydia, Nurul started to be online, one by one. The first item on the agenda was to establish effective available communication platforms via the internet. The number one choice, of course, went to PBwork due to the stringent requirement.

To the group shocking horror, many of the members were not able to access to it. They needed to request for the access to be given.

Not wasting time, the group proceeded to source for another platform. Someone in the group suggested using goggle docs instead. Luckily for them, google docs worked.

They managed to work collaboratively on the spreadsheet created using google docs. Everyone was given the access and was able to edit the document at the same time.

Everyone was EXCITED over this new find!

Using it, together with the MSN's group chat, the group quickly tabulated most of the initiatives from 1997 to 2010 before dividing the workload; adopting the strategy "Jigjaw" under Cooperative Learning. This was decided in the earlier brief meeting at NIE of course.

The interesting brainstorming session lasted 2 hours, and the group managed to come up with a workload distribution list at the PBwork. Everyone contributed in their own unique way; Bobo, being the coordinating person, Yue Yuan, the wise advisor, Joe, the know-very-little technical assistant and Lydia and Nurul, the very committed members.

Much was being accomplished and learnt within the short 2 hours, everyone was clear on their tasks. Joe knows that this group would definitely make it in time for the coming project's due date. He has full confidence in them.

With everyone in the group so actively committed, Joe also has to do his part. As a matter of fact, he has already completed part of his tasks, writing this reflection. He is happy with the progress and is all ready to proceed to his share of reading up. :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reflection of Lesson 1, 8 Sep 2010

Gosh, here I am again, doing reflection.
It seems like Singaporeans are insanely obsessed with reflections. Haha...

Anyway, back to the reflection. It was the first day of school after a long while for many of us and I guess most of us really look forward to the lesson. After knowing that Dr Yeap is going to be my tutor, it sort of brightens me up a little - lessons won't be that boring. Yay!

Matching to my anticipation, the lesson was very interesting and insightful. For many years, though I am pretty strong and competent in teaching Math, I am not exactly clear on what and why we are doing in school with all those initiatives from MOE. The usual heavy workload sort of also prevented me from checking it up.

Hence, I must say I am pretty excited about what we will be learning in weeks to come. Through this module, I would want to tie up most of the loose ends I have and better applied what I will be leanring to my daily design of the lesson.

Cheers...Joe Ang