Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reflection of Lesson 1, 8 Sep 2010

Gosh, here I am again, doing reflection.
It seems like Singaporeans are insanely obsessed with reflections. Haha...

Anyway, back to the reflection. It was the first day of school after a long while for many of us and I guess most of us really look forward to the lesson. After knowing that Dr Yeap is going to be my tutor, it sort of brightens me up a little - lessons won't be that boring. Yay!

Matching to my anticipation, the lesson was very interesting and insightful. For many years, though I am pretty strong and competent in teaching Math, I am not exactly clear on what and why we are doing in school with all those initiatives from MOE. The usual heavy workload sort of also prevented me from checking it up.

Hence, I must say I am pretty excited about what we will be learning in weeks to come. Through this module, I would want to tie up most of the loose ends I have and better applied what I will be leanring to my daily design of the lesson.

Cheers...Joe Ang

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  1. I like the metaphor to tie loose ends for learning. Isn't that one of our jobs as a teacher, to help students tie up loose ends?