Friday, November 26, 2010

Lesson @ NIE (12 Oct 2010)

Today, Dr Yeap has the following agenda for all of us!

1) Salute
2) Card Game - 'Magic Touch'
3) Take 1, Take 2
4) Multiplication

At a glance, I think the lesson looks FUN!


Out of the four games, I personally love Salute and Take1, Take 2 the most.
Through the games, pupils are subtly practising certain Mathematical concepts while having fun.

Paraphrasing what Dr Yeap had said, the way to teaching effectively is not what we teach, but rather how we teach!

It has definitely pointed another direction I can take in my teaching.

Back in school

I introduced the two games to my pupils and most of them love them.
The kids played Take 1, Take 2 with each other and challenged me at the canteen; needless to say, I sort of win most of the times. Haha... During the game, I tried to prompt some of them to perhaps pay attention to certain patterns and in less than 1 day, a few children managed to grasp the trick to win the game. That was the time when I changed the rules of the game to Take 3! Haha... Evil me...

As for the Salute, I shown them the trick and allow them to try it out at home as homework due to time constraint. Two of my pupils managed to rearrange the cards the day after, and they ended up being the expert to teach the others within the class! :P One of the eventually also came up with the arrangement to spell the months in a year! We had a fruitful session! :)

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