Friday, November 26, 2010

Lesson @ NIE (19 Oct 2010)

Yay! Another visible lesson agenda or the day!
I like it alot as it helps me, the learner, to phase myself to the lesson better.
Probably something I will try in my own classroom in 2011.

The lesson proper
1) Tiles Problem
2) Structure Problem
3) Circle Problem

Through the problem on structure, I learnt something new today. There are pots of gold in the horizontal patterns as well! All these years, I guessed most of us probably just focussed on the vertical patterns as they are the most common and easiest to see. I didn't catch the horizontal patterns in the class till some of my classmates pointed it out. :)

Out of the few activities, I like the Circle problem the most.
Perhaps it is easier among the rest. Haha... :P

I must commend Dr Yeap for delivering the lesson so well. Through him, teachers can slowly shape their teaching style towards his - creating a non-threatening learning environment with fanastic questioning techniques.

He is patient and will always try his best to scaffold all of us.

Perhaps this is what we mean by,

No one is left behind!

Thank you Dr Yeap! :)

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