Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lesson @ NIE (26 Oct 2010)

Today's lesson is all about Assessment.

Agenda for the day:

1) Assessment-Interactive Lecture
2) Area is 5
3) Frameworks - workbook task & word problems

What I have learnt about Assessment :

  • It comprises of 2 parts.
    Data collection & Interpreting the data
  • Assessment is a subset of teaching and should exist in our daily lesson.

"Area is 5" is another interesting learning activity i have picked up in the course.
We were given geoboards and paper grids, and tasked to come up with as many figures having the area 5 as possible. The activity tapped mainly on the concrete and pictorial aspects of the learners and it blends in nicely with our current lots of pupils - mainly kinesthetic and visual learners.

What impresses me the most is Dr Yeap's ways of delivering the lesson. He is reaching out to the student-teachers with different abilities in Mathematics. In a way, it can be a well-executed DI lesson on adult learners. All my classmates are also very co-operative as some of the higher ability ones would allow him to reach out to those who are still grasping the concepts, instead of shouting out all the answers. Adult learners are different from young learners per say.

Another take-away for the day is the Newman Strategy that determine why some pupils could not work on challenging word problems.

  1. Reading - Can the pupil read?
  2. Comprehension - Does the pupil understand the problem?
  3. Strategy Know-How - Does the pupil know which strategy to use?
  4. Transformation - Can the pupil come up with a series of alogotithms and diagrams based on the problem?
  5. Process Skills - Does the pupil know how to proceed with the algorithms and diagrams he has formed so as to solve the problem?
  6. Solution - Does the pupil reach the correct answer?

More about the Newman strategy.

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