Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lesson @ NIE (9 Nov 2010)

Agenda for the day;

1) Performance Task
2) Rubric
3) A Look at International Assessment
4) Formative Assessment

The performance task is similar to what we have for the pupils in school - Math Trail, and it is a REAL lesson. :P

All of us were told to estimate the height of a pillar within the NIE Campus and we were all given a number of tools for us to explore so as to complete the task. Rather open-ended I would say.

As the task kicked off, we sort of formed our own groups and started to work on the tasks using the different tools. While some of us seemed to already know how to go about it, others were exploring the tools and busy brainstorming. End of the day, all the groups came out with many interesting ideas in solving the problem. The main take-away of the activity is probably learning from each other - cooperative learning. :)

Something refreshing I learnt about rubrics during the lesson is not to sum up the score within the rubric. I believe many of us, including myself, had made this mistake before.

The different descriptors within the rubrics are meant to be descriptive to the task per say.
It is only meaningful within the specific descriptor.

I also learnt about this interesting quote from Albert Einstein.

" What's measurable is not always important, and what's important is not always measurable."

Another meaningful lesson. :)

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